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Interview and Workshop

Enso Circle interview plus Free online Workshop June 7, 2018 at 9 pm ET

Enso Circle interview plus Free online Workshop June 7, 2018 at 9 pm ET

I was recently interviewed for the Drawing Your Own Path podcast where I had the opportunity to discuss the Enso Circle with artist John Simon. In our interview, we talked in detail about the materials that are used in drawing the Enso Circle including paper, brush, ink and we also discussed the state of mind of the artist. You can listen to it here

If you would enjoy a guided experience in working with the Enso Circle, you are welcome to join a free online discussion/workshop that I will be leading on June 7, 2018, at 9 pm EST. To join the Zoom conference room for the class go to: iclock.com/draw. If you want to follow along and do the Enso drawing at home, please gather some paper (doesn't have to be fancy - could be printer paper to start), a brush (whatever is comfortable), and ink (watercolors or acrylic paints will work as well).

John is the perfect person to organize an event like this. He leads a community of creative contemplatives which formed after he wrote the book Drawing Your Own Path. It is an account of how his daily drawing discipline became a meditation practice, and how that meditation illuminated his creative source. It is a practical guidebook full of the Simon’s own art and it offers meditators an alternative path to ‘just sitting’ with ways to mindfully examine and deepen the source of their creative ideas. Readers are guided through thirty–three meditation and drawing exercises, exploring concentrated looking, mindful sketching, and improvisational awareness, all designed to help practitioners discover the vast creativity within themselves and in their daily lives.