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Mounting Enso Art

Drying art on plexiglass mounting boards

Drying art on plexiglass mounting boards

When I draw the enso on rice paper, the paper often gets waves in it as the wet ink dries. While that is a natural look, I most appreciate art that is flat and mounted which gives it a finished and polished look.

Last year, I reached a snag point in my production process. All the mounting methods that I was trying were not working consistently with the quality of results that elevated the art. I felt that I had to stop until I could figure things out.

Fortunately I was connected to a person who is an expert in working with Japanese rice paper. Following her guidance and the advice of Henry Li, I am very happy to report that I am able to consistently mount my art in a way which beautifully enhances the art. The plexiglass mounting boards were an interim step in my learning process. I now mount the art on wood boards…more about that later.