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Sumi Ink on Rice Paper

Enso Circles drawn with black sumi ink, the traditional ink which has been used to create Zen circles for hundreds of years. They are drawn on fine art rice papers.

File Mar 21, 1 39 13 PM.jpeg

Acrylic on Canvas

Enso Circles drawn with acrylic on canvas. Unstretched canvas has a similar raw and elemental quality as rice paper.


Enso Circles drawn with watercolors on rice paper. In the history of Enso Circles as an art form, colored and multicolored enso are a contemporary development.

File Mar 06, 6 31 25 PM.jpeg

Canvas giclee

Enso Circles as giclee prints on canvas. Zen Circles are powerful in large format. They have a real presence and are powerful pieces of art.

shikishi boards

Zen Circles drawn on art boards from Japan called shikishi boards. They are covered with a fine art papers and finished with a gold trim. Shikishi boards are a traditional sight in Japanese homes and temples and are often given as gifts.

File Jun 15, 8 14 36 PM.jpeg

framed art

A variety of framed and matted Enso Circles on display in a variety of settings.